Bullet – Overly Stressed (Produced by Me)


The story behind this video is, I put together a showreel of grime instrumentals and uploaded it to youtube. (This was the very 1st instrumental in the showreel. Then I posted the showreel on various networking websites such as facebook and twitter. Shortly after hearing my showreel, “Bullet” (the artist on this song) got in contact with me asking for the full instrumental. After explaining that he wanted to make a song and video for the song i gave him the track, once he had finished the track and sent it back i made an edited version, (no swearing) and put it on my CD ‘Blue Bars’.


MC Tigz – Slippin on Ice (Produced, Directed and Edited by me)

This video was shot using my friends video camera in our neighbour hood at night, during a period of snow in london. We thought the snow factor would go well in the video as the song this video was shot for is called “Slippin on Ice”. At the time we didn’t have any artificial or day light, or even a camera stand. so we just had to make do with what we had.


Due to the lighting situation we chose not to do anything with the finished video. But i still use it as part of my Videography portfolio.

This wasn’t for any kind of educational task.

Sea World Trailer (Edited by me)

This is a trailer for Sea world that I put together for an assignment in my 1st year of university. There were some specific things we had to include at specified times for this task, and the rest was left up to me. I ended up getting a mark of 80%, so even though i think it would have been better if not for the restrictions set in the task I am happy with the grade. (This video is strictly up for my final year e-portfolio and nothing else)

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Final Year Project

My idea is a computer based program that will generate music entirely by itself. The program will use algorithms designed by me to make unique music every time it is used. Hopefully it will be especially useful for “on hold” music on business lines. The way the program will work is it will start generating music as soon as it is opened and give the user the option of un-muting it. But there will also be a feature for the user to choose what type of music they would like to hear, (this will be based on mood and not musical genres).

 At the moment it is still at the creation stage and doesn’t have any designs yet. But below are some screen shots of the program in creation.


More Creative Work

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Technical Work

‘Little Sister’ Remix Studio Techniques

This is a ‘Write up’ on exactly how i remixed the song (Little Sister), which was provided for a Studio Techniques assignment in my 2nd year. I Can’t remember exactly what grade i got for this but i know it was above 70%, so even though i thought the write was unnecessary i am still pleased with the final mark. The write up explains every process undertaken in the remixing, mixing and mastering the track for completion.

Studio Techniques Assignment

For the assignment I choose to record mix and master a drum kit and acoustic guitar. A drum kit
being; a kick drum, snare, hi hat, cymbal, low tom and hi tom. I hired out the drum kit from the music
department in another section of the university and set it up in our biggest studio. Then used the Octopre, (a peice of hardware that allows you to route multiple signals to locations further away then normal) to get each signal from the large studio to a smaller studio being used as a control room. I enjoyed this task a lot as it was very practical.

Methodologies for the Creative Technology Industry

This is an academic essay on the different methods for the creative industry. This was my least favourite project as it was completely academic 5000 word essay with absolutely no hands / practical work.

Appraisal Assignment2

In this assignment i was asked to research a company of my choice and write a business appraisal (portraying the company in a positive light). I chose the company ‘Chrysalis’ which was a music publishing company that was later bought out by a bigger music company called BMG.

Lennox Momrelle’s SPMA Assignment

In this assignment my task was to put together a log of everything i was doing in MaxMSP. In class only though, i was doing a lot of other stuff in MaxMSP that couldn’t be put in to the log book.

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